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Price for 8 x 8 Hardcover 29.9929.9928.9925.9916.7722.827.9934.9920.9929.95
Standard Shipping 7.998.997.995.990.976.956.998.9910.559.88
Total Cost 37.9838.9836.9831.9817.7429.7534.9843.9831.5439.83
Cost per Additional Page 1.2911.990.21.741.281.991.250.30.49

Quality & Services

ShutterflyMixbookSnapfishBlurbWalmart PhotoAdoramaPixWalgreens PhotoPicabooPrestoPhotoMyCanvas
Print Quality 110.950.850.950.850.80.80.850.75
Template Quality 10.950.850.80.850.850.
Number of Backgrounds 24520363153399312372723109004163843
Processing Time (days) 1 to 31 to 21 to 54 to 52 to 333 to 535 to 105
Pre-designed Books 230193127None19319315019319345
Custom Layout
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ShutterflyMixbookSnapfishBlurbWalmart PhotoAdoramaPixWalgreens PhotoPicabooPrestoPhotoMyCanvas
Available Sizes 1276557125163
Cover Options 12583656298
8 x 8
8.5 x 11
10 X 10
12 x 12
11 x 14
Hardbound Cover
Softbound Cover
Lay-Flat Cover
Leather Cover
Fabric Cover

Album Creation

ShutterflyMixbookSnapfishBlurbWalmart PhotoAdoramaPixWalgreens PhotoPicabooPrestoPhotoMyCanvas
Ease of Use 110.950.950.90.950.910.50.9
Online Storage
Online Album Sharing
Import from Social Media

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Top 10 Photo Books Review

Maybe there is no better way to hold on to your unforgettable memories than a photo book. A photo book is an excellent way for consumers and photographers to store pictures from your vacation, wedding day, the birthday party, celebrating a festival. There are a large number of photo books on the market, and we have picked up 10 of the most excellent photo book services. Two factors are taken into considerations to evaluate the service: the software for creating a photo book, and the printed photo book which is the most important.

Photo Book Review

The Gold Award winner of the photo book in our lineup is Shutterfly, the Silver Award winner is Mixbook and Snapfish is the Bronze Award winner. There are many photos in your mobile phone or on your computer you may never revisit them, and they may take up your valuable memory. Therefore, organising your photo library with photo editing software and creating a professional photo book is another memorable way to display your incredible moments.

There are wide-ranging photo book services on the market, each offering varied lists of customization options, and the prices vary based on the features such as size, paper type, the number of pages you choose. When we decide on a photo book service, we look at a variety of factors, including the book option, album creation, customer support, shipping, and so on.

Editor's Note

Whatever photo book services you use, please be sure to look up discount information. You can find coupons on the homepage of the service or receiver after you finish registering for the website. With those coupons, you can receive considerable discounts on services such as Shutterfly and Snapfish books.

1. Shutterfly

Shutterfly comes in a very close second in photo book services. It offers a collect of template with customizable layouts, backgrounds, clipart, fonts. Apart from photo books, Shutterfly also offers photo printing services, and you can print your photos on cards, stationary, calendars, mugs, blankets, pillows, anything you can think of. However, not as other photo book services, Shutterfly offers limited image effects, and may alter consumers' pictures wit an auto-fill light.

2. Mixbook

Mixbook is the first choice among all the photo book services for its versatile and innovation-enabling software for consumers to create a photo book and the superb quality of the printed photo book. Mixbook offers you a wide range of photo book options and allows you to customize your one-of-a-book for any occasion. The site has seven sizing options ranging from 8x6 inch pocket photo book to 11x14 inches coffee table photo book. However, there are only two different sizes of square books compared with other photo book services.

3. Snapfish

Snapfish offers its customers fully editable feature, including placement, size, zoom, rotation. There is also a handful photo effects such as enhance color, red-eye removal, brightness, sepia tone and so on. However, the fonts are limited on this site, and only a few can be placed in bold or italics. You can easily find a discount coupon that helps you save a lot of money. Snapfish also offers photo printing service like Shutterfly.

4. Blurb

Blurb is a book printing service offering diverse features for both personal use and professional designers. It has an online editor or software such as Blurb BookWright or BlurbSmart to create a customized layout of photo book at your preference.The online book editor is user-friendly and offers support including online training documents, webinars and video tutorials. Blurb also creates photos out of your Facebook, Instagram, and other photo-sharing social network sites. However, Blurb offers limited cover options, standard hard and softcover books, but differ in sizes including 10 x 8-inch, 11 x 14-inch, 10 x 10-inch. Besides, the quality of the paper is high including five types: semi-matte, hint of gloss, matte, uncoated and glossy.

5. Walmart Photo

Walmart Photo Center is a fair digital photo printing service providing its customers with decent photos. It has a variety of customer service options, and you can upload, edit, and order process easier to accomplish. If you are not familiar with the process, you can watch a video showing how to select and upload your preferred photos to an album as well as other step-by-step instructions. Walmart Photo offers you great help and support with live chat feature as well as chock-full of FAQs.

6. AdoramaPix

What makes AdoramaPix different from other photo book services is that it uses real photo paper for the album pages, which are thick and sturdy. It sells only lay flat photo books, so you don't have to worry losing any of your photos in the center of the album. AdoramaPix offers a specific page count. For example, in the 8x8 inch, you can only have five choices of the page including 14, 26, 38, 50 or 76. The price on AdoramaPix is higher than most of photo book service, but there are still some products cheaper than its competitors.

7. Walgreens Photo

Walgreens provides you a wide selection of cover sizes including 5 x 7-inch, 8.5 x 8.5-inch, 8.5 x 11-inch, 12 x 12-inch and 11 x 14-inch. Besides, the types of cover vary from hardbound, softbound, to linen, silk. Walgreens focuses on providing its customers experience as easy and simple. With more than 150 templates layout, customers can easily pick up a theme for their holiday or wedding photos. You can pick up your photo book the same day you create it if you live near a Walgreens store. However, the quality of Walgreen photo book may be inferior compared to other competitors in our lineup which makes for the 6th of the overall ranking.

8. Picaboo

The web-based book editor of Picaboo offers you various editing tools so that you can adjust the brightness, contrast saturation, opacity of your photos. Besides, there is also wide-ranging of selections of themed templates, and you can create your photo book by only dragging, dropping, placing a unique template. Picaboo has an editor tool called Auto Create, which works well for both professional designers and amateurs, allowing you to adjust your photo book to your preference. However, Picaboo is of relatively not high quality, so you can choose Picaboo to make a simple photo book for your vacation at a reasonable price rather than for a significant life event.

9. PrestoPhoto

PrestoPhoto offers a decent collection of templates, background and cover sizes. There are 132 designed books for you to choose from, and you can also design your photo book with unique designs, borders, frames, and so on. The processing time is relatively longer than other services, and you have to wait 4 to 10 days to receive your photo book. The quality of the photo book is modest. The online editor provides wide-ranging tools for you to make your photo book. However, the editor is tough to use, and you have to take some time to get used to it.

10. MyCanvas

MyCanvas has differing design tools to help you create a customized photo book. You can choose from the templates or create your own customization from a blank template. The templates have different themes, and each theme has a selection of specific layout. Besides, MyCanvas offers a fair selection of styles and extras but has limited available background compared other services. However, MyCanvas only offers three different sizing options, which somehow limits your creativity. It usually takes five days to process and ship your order.