How To Block Your Phone Number From Caller ID?

There are many chances that we don't want to show your number to the business you are about to call or want to hide your number from your friends. You can block your Caller ID information so that your phone number will not appear on the recipient's mobile phone. There are two options with cell phone blocking, permanently or temporarily on a call-by-call basis.

Temporary block from Caller ID

A temporary block only happens when you call individuals and businesses. You can not block your phone number when calling toll-free or emergency calls.

1. Use a Caller ID blocking prefix. In most of the countries, you can enter a specific code before the phone number on your cell phone. The code differs depending on your country and your service carrier. If you are in the US, just dial *67 followed immediately by the number you want to call. The one who receives your phone call. Your caller ID will display "Private number" on the phone of the one receives your phone call. You can also find other codes for different countries

Permanent block from Caller ID

1. You can call your cell phone service provider and ask them to activate a per-link block on your number so that your number will not display on any outgoing calls. This service is free for some carriers, but others may charge a monthly fee.

2. You can block your phone number through your device's settings.

a. Blocking your phone on iPhone: go to Settings > Phone > Show My Caller ID, and toggle the slider to OFF.

b. Blocking your phone on Android 4.1 and later: go to Settings > Phone > Call Settings > Additional Settings > Caller ID > Hide Number.