How To Access Traffic Ticket Information?

It is sometimes frustrating to be got jammed in the traffic when you are heading to New Jersey Municipal Courts to pay for fines. As it is known, there are many factors for you to bet a ticket when you are driving in New Jersey including parking in the wrong area, speeding and so on. To get known what's your traffic information, you can check NJMCdirect, which is an online service for people in New Jersey to access their traffic ticket information in an easy and convenient way.


1. You need to have a license plate number and a Parking or traffic ticket.

2. Go to

3. Read the information first, and click on "Continue" button.

access your traffic ticket information

4. Enter the following information from your ticket, such as Court ID, Ticket Prefix, Ticket Number, License Plate Number in the required filed. Click on "Continue" button to proceed.

access your traffic ticket information

5. Follow the instructions to access your traffic ticket information.