How To Use DellConnect For Computer Troubleshooting

About Dell

Dell is an American multinational computer company. It was founded by Michael Dell on February 1, 1984, and its headquarter is in Round Rock, Texas, United States. Its main products include personal computers, servers, peripherals, smartphones and televisions.

About DellConnect

DellConnect is a software program developed by Dell which is used to help computer users resolve their computer-related problems. It allows Dell support people to remotely control your computer and then help you to solve your computer problems.

With DellConnect, you can allow a Dell support person remotely analyze the configuration of your system, view and edit your files and registry, view and comment on your screen, thus solving your computer problems. The whole process is easy, secure and convenient.

How Can You Use DellConnect For Computer Troubleshooting?

Before you begin, you will need to prepare the following:

1. A device with internet access.

2. You need to be a DellConnect customer and have the code number from the Dell person.

Detailed Instructions:

1. Go to the DellConnect website at

2. Select country, language and queue as instructed by Agent, and click "Continue".


3. Read the Terms and Conditions and then click on the button marked "I Agree".


4. Enter the code number given by the Dell support person into the required box and then click on the button marked "Submit".


5. Follow instructions to use DellConnect to solve your computer problems.

6. If you need more help, you can go to the Dell Support website at