How To Track Your Orders Online At Menards

About Menards

Menards is a home improvement center chain in Midwestern United States. It was founded in 1960, and its headquarter is Eau Claire, Wisconsin, US. Its main products include building materials, tools, hardware, garden supplies, electrical supplies, ceiling fans and so on.

About Order Tracker

Order tracking service is a very convenient service for you to track your order. All you need to do is enter your track number. It is simple and fast.

You can easily get information about your orders online, with the order tracker service at Menards. You do not need to call the customer service or get to its business place on your own, instead, with a few clicks you can know your order status fully at once.

How Can You Track Your Menards Order Online?

Before you begin, you will need a device with internet access.

Detailed Instructions:

1. Go to the Menards order tracker website at:

2. Enter your order number into the required fields. The order number is located at the top right hand corner of your special order contract, and then click on the button marked "Find Order".

track your menards order online

3. For further information, please refer to Contact Us website at: