How To Set Up Your Roku Play Online?

Founded in 2002 in California, Roku is an American consumer electronics company specialising in providing home digital products, including the Roku SoundBridge, the SoundBridge Radio, the Roku Player. Once setting up your Roku Player, you can enjoy various services Roku provides you. You can watch different shows and films, access your existing subscriptions to watch any program you are interested in.


1. Go to Roku Player online set-up

2. Follow the instructions at your Roku Player to TV and network.

3. Turn it on and boot up your Roku Player. You will find a unique code to link your Roku player on your TV screen.

4. Enter the code as required at related link 1 below. Click "Submit" to complete the linking process.

set up your roku play online

5. If there is any question, please continue to refer to Roku Player Support at