How To Sign Up At WebMD For Free Health Information

About WebMD

WebMD is a health advice, news and expertise provider in America. It was founded 1996 and headquarters in New York City, USA. Its main product is health information service.

About Signing Up For A WebMD Account

WebMD hopes its customers to sign up for an account at, because with an account, they can enjoy many services offered including tracking their way to weight loss success, joining conversations, access to WebMD the magazine digital edition, managing their family's vaccine and more. Besides, the signing up process is simple, quick and easy.

Signing up for an account at WebMD is definitely a wise choice. With this account, you can not only get access to the many great services provided, but also have chances to get special offers and coupons.

How Can You Sign Up For A WebMD Account To Receive Updates On Health?

Before you begin, you will need a device with internet access.

Detailed Instructions:

1. Go to the website of WebMD at

2. Click on the button marked "Sign up".

sign up at webmd

3. Enter your email address, password and your birth date, and then click on the button marked "Sign Up".

4. Follow the instructions to complete.

5. For further information, please refer to Support Center website at: